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About Us

FLAEYC is a specialized community of more than 3,000 early care and educational professionals from Florida, representing two national associations – let us connect you with our members.

The Florida Association for the Education of Young Children  (FLAEYC) is a membership organization that serves in all levels of early childhood education, working directly with thousands of families with children birth to age eight, as well as, at the high school, college, and advanced graduate levels training teachers. Our members teach in approximately 525 publicly funded programs; 450 private-nonprofit schools; 400 private- for-profit child care centers and family child care homes, and 15 corporate on-site child care centers.

FLAEYC is host to 13 Local & Regional Chapters that provide services and programming at the local level for our members. Our state organization has an annual fall conference in Orlando with over 2000 in attendance. We publish online journals & newsletters, host webinars, virtual and regional conferences, as well as work with stakeholder partners to advocate for quality early care and education experiences for all children in the stat of Florida.

As an affiliate of both the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and the Southern Early Childhood Association (SECA), we keep our members informed of current issues in the early childhood field. Members participate on the legislation and advocacy, quality improvement initiatives and Accreditation facilitation, reviewing and publishing evidenced based practice material, building professional development opportunities,  and growing professional recognition and membership.


FLAEYC membership includes executives and staff from the vast field of early care and education throughout the Florida. Our membership  includes:

  • Association Executives
  • Business Owners & Operators
  • Directors
  • Early Care and Education Teachers
  • Early Childhood Advocates
  • Management Firms
  • Higher Education Recruiters, Faculty, and Administrators
  • Students
  • Companies vested in the early care and education field and many more!