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Connect with a Chapter

FLAEYC is restructuring from an affiliate framework to a chapters network.  A chapter is a group of members who share a common interest and have mutually agreed to work towards specific goals. Our current structure is geographic but once we transition to chapters, FLAEYC will have both geographic and interest-based chapters throughout the state of Florida.  Chapter participation is open to all members and is not limited to geography or professional background. Members may participate in as many chapters as they wish.

The Florida map shown here lists the current FLAEYC Affiliate and Communities-at-Large.  In September 2017, all affiliates will become chapters.  In addition to the new geographic chapters, interest-based chapters currently being explored are listed below.

FLAEYC State Chapters Being Developed (this list is NOT comprehensive).

  • Public Policy and Advocacy
  • Dual Language Learners
  • Spanish Providers in Action
  • Directors & Administrators
  • NAEYC Accredited Programs

FLAEYC has Regional Representatives / Members-at-Large that work with the local affiliates (soon to be chapters).