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2018 Board of Directors Nominations

In anticipation of the Executive Board elections, we are seeking qualified applicants for the 2018 slate of candidates for the 2018 FLAEYC Board of Directors.

Please consider the open positions for the FLAEYC Board of Directors and, if you are interested, apply.  If you know a member who would qualify for any of the positions, please share this information and encourage them to apply.  We have attached the responsibilities for the following positions along with the necessary application packet.

     Position                           Term Length                   Term Expiration
     President Elect/President:  2018-21                    Term Expires 2021
     Secretary:  2018-19                                                  Term Expires 2019
     Member-at-large (SECA):  2018-2020                Term Expires 2020
     Member-at-large:  2018-19                                    Term Expires 2019
     Member-at-large:  2018-19                                    Term Expires 2019

When considering these positions, understand that participation will require the following:

  • Quarterly Board meetings on Friday, Saturday, and/or Sunday;
  • Attendance at the FLAEYC Annual Conference from Opening Session on Thursday through Closing Session on Sunday; and
  • Participation in FLAEYC Virtual Board Meetings and Conference Calls.

Candidates should be from different areas of the state, different types of programs, and represent the diverse membership of the Association.  No two candidates can be from the same workplace.

To access the candidate application and the board position responsibilities click on link below.


The deadline to submit is January 3, 2017.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.  Thank you for your assistance in this important matter.

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