The earliest years of a child’s life represent a critical window of opportunity for learning. As Floridians and Americans, we are in a vital window to advocate for the future of our children and families.

We can’t leave the quality of our children’s education up to a faceless group of legislators and decision-makers. As educators and parents, the responsibility belongs to each of us to join hands and voices. We must demand that our local, state, and national educational policies are in line with the latest scientific research in the areas of brain development and early learning. We must ensure that our educators are trained, supported, and compensated for the challenging and essential job they perform.

There are over 900,000 children under the age of 5 in Florida, and the majority of them are enrolled in some form of early childhood education program. These young children depend on their relationships with knowledgeable and nurturing teachers to support their early learning.

FLAEYC’s members advocate that high-quality early childhood education:

* Supports the healthy development of our children
* Contributes to closing the achievement gap and preparing children for school
* Builds strong families and communities
* Strengthens Florida’s future workforce

If you agree, then we invite you to join our advocacy network.

What Our Team Does:

In early 2019, FLAEYC sent our Public Policy Forum Team to Washington, D.C. for the national conference. As delegates to the Public Policy Forum, our Florida representatives heard from federal and state policy leaders and fellow advocates, met with members of Congress, and built relationships with policymakers and their staffs. This opportunity to network with colleagues and express FLAEYC’s objectives to lawmakers offered a powerful opportunity to further our message, goals, and policy.

FLAEYC monitors upcoming legislation and policy decisions that will affect the young children of our state. By joining the FLAEYC Advocacy Chapter, you’ll receive early Public Policy and Advocacy updates throughout the year so that you can get involved.

For more information email:

What You Can Do:

Through the FLAEYC affiliation with the NAEYC, you have access to resources that will make you a powerful advocate for our children.

* Educate your families, friends, and coworkers.
* Encourage voter registration to make their voice heard on election day.
* Use our resources to learn about our most critical initiatives on all levels of government.
* Familiarize yourself with candidate positions on the local and state level, not just federal.    
* Attend town halls with our pre-printed list of questions for candidates.
* Request signs, pledge cards, and scripts.
* Build your advocacy skills utilizing our online tools

Remember, our children are counting on us! Join our advocacy team today, and pledge to make quality early education a priority to benefit not only the kids but the community as a whole.