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Barbara H. Finck Award

The Florida Association for the Education of Young Children annually seeks nominations for the Barbara H. Fink Leadership Award. This award, named after Ms. Barbara H. Fink, the first President of FACUS (1956) and later President of SACUS (1960-62), honors individuals who serve as examples of excellence within their local community.

Recipients of this award are FLAEYC members who have provided superior and outstanding leadership and dedication to the mission of the FLAEYC organization and its mission of providing for early childhood professionals.

Criteria for selection— The nominee must be:

  1. A current and active member of FLAEYC for at least 10 years and must not be a current FLAEYC Board member.
  2. Nominations for this award must be proposed and submitted by one of the following FLAEYC members:
    • Current Chapter Leadership Team Member
    • Current or past FLAEYC Executive Board Member
    • Current FLAEYC Member
    • Past FLAEYC President
  3. The nominee must have demonstrated:
    • Dedication to improving the quality of life for young children and their families;
    • Superior leadership inspiring members toward professionalism through dedication and concern for young children;
    • Outstanding service and leadership to FLAEYC at the national, state and local levels; and
    • Professional and personal qualities clearly indicating that this person is an outstanding leader.

Please visit the FLAEYC Awards page for more information how to submit a nomination for the Barbara H. Fink Leadership Award as well as the FLAEYC Outstanding Member and FLAEYC Member Advocate Awards

Past Barbara H. Fink Leadership Award Recipients
1975 Alma David
1980 Barbara H. Finck
1982 Judy Lutz
1985 Karen Stevens
1986 Ruth Jefferson
1987 Gene Johnson
1988 Ruth Huckaby
1991 Mary Virginia Peaslee, Alice Taglauer
1992 Jeanne Anderson
1993 Suzanne Gellens
1995 Jacqueline Clemens, Ann Levy
1997 Carolyn Van Buskirk
1998 Gail Robertson
2001 Martha Skelton
2002 Janet Allyn
2004 Sister Roberta Bailey
2005 Sandra Crawford
2006 Blanche Turner
2007 Marguerite Orban
2008 Beverly Oglesby
2009 Amy Cordray
2010 Amy Crease
2012 Suzi Jamrog
2014 Charlene Gross
2016 Marjorie Dolan