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Conferences and Webinars

The greatest benefits of attending a professional conference, webinar, or workshop is the opportunity to build your network and increase your awareness of new trends happening in the field of early care and education. There are three main reasons to consider attending an FLAEYC Conference, webinar, or workshop.

  1. Grow Your Professional Network: You will meet leaders, scholars, administrators, and classroom professionals representing dozens of the best practices recommended in the field of early childhood education. You will have the opportunity to exchange ideas, share resources, participate in debates and develop friendships with people from all over the state. Ultimately, your practice and professional skills will be enhanced by your participation.
  1. Build Your Knowledge Base: You will benefit from presentations that are share cutting-edge research on teaching, advocating, marketing, organizational development, technology, commerce, and leadership. These research topics are often focused on a particular professional population that represent diverse perspectives while remaining evidence-based and relevant. This will allow you to build your current knowledge within your area of expertise.
  1. Conferences Expand Your Resources: Just as with any other field, people in education cultivate exceptional resources—and they are excited to share them with like-minded colleagues. During the conference, webinars, and workshops, you will have an opportunity to test out new technology, review upcoming publications, share teaching tools and techniques, and obtain sample protocols and classroom practices.  FLAEYC events are full of people promoting new ideas, vendors selling new products and consultants teaching new methodologies. Take advantage of these opportunities to fill up your professional bucket list and improve your career.

Whether it is virtual or face-to-face, regional or statewide, chapter-led, or led by a state office, you will undoubtedly benefit from networking at any FLAEYC conference, webinar, or event