2020-2021 Executive Board Elections

Eligibility Requirements

FLAEYC members in good standing are eligible for Board service. Any such member is welcome to apply for consideration by the Nominating Committee, which is responsible for constructing each year’s slate of nominees. Inclusion on the slate is contingent upon completion of background checks and successful application.

To be considered in the nominations process, individuals are asked to submit:

  1. Current resume using a standard format;
  2. A candidate statement that includes responses to questions as designed by members of the Nominating Committee;
  3. Photograph;
  4. Criminal Background Check and sexual Offender Registry Check (performed after the candidate group interview).

Application Process:

The process begins with an online application that requires general contact and demographic information along with a brief résumé, personal statement, and head shot.

  • Résumé: include information about your professional experiences related to volunteer service (peer review, governance, etc.) during the past 5 or more years, including relevant employment history and board or other governance experience, and any publications. awards or noteworthy accomplishments (last 5 years). Most people will find 2 to 3 pages is sufficient to provide this information.
  • Personal statement (400 words): describe why you are interested in serving on the FLAEYC Board of Directors and the strengths you would bring to this role.
  • Head Shot: submit a high-resolution, professional head shot for use in our nomination review packet and if selected on our website.

Please review the position descriptions for the various Board roles as well as the FLAEYC Board Code of Ethics to which all Board members agree to adhere.

The deadline for submission of applications (including resume, personal statement and headshot) is August 17, 2020.

Application Review & Interview
Members of the Nominating Committee review all submitted application materials. They will identify a group of potential candidates who are invited to interview with the Committee in late August/early September via Zoom (due to current health restrictions). Participation in the candidate interviews is mandatory for consideration on the slate. Based on the interviews, a proposed slate is identified.

Determination of the slate
After the interviews are completed, the Nominating Committee determines its recommendations for the election slate. When possible, at least two candidates will appear on the slate for each available position. All potential members of the proposed slate are required to submit to a criminal background check and sexual offender registry check by signing appropriate authorizations and consents. All potential members of the slate will be individually assessed, and decisions will be made with respect to Board membership based upon the totality of the candidate’s qualifications and the results of the background checks. Once the background screenings have been successfully completed, the slate is presented to the Board of Directors for approval, and then presented to the full membership for election.

The Elections Process
Beginning on September 12, 2020, the full FLAEYC membership will have the opportunity to learn about the candidates nominated for Board service. Then, beginning on October 12, members will be invited to cast their ballot for the open Board positions. In addition, candidates will have the opportunity to network and “campaign” during the 2020 FLAEYC Annual Conference on October 15-17. Members will be allowed to vote electronically via secure survey or via mail-in ballot by Wednesday, November 11, 2020. The ballots will be tallied and the newly elected Board members announced by November 30, 2020.