2020-2021 Executive Board Elections

Board Member Code of Ethics & Conduct

Trust is the foundation of effective board work. As an organization, FLAEYC seeks to develop a culture of trust, which is essential for our work to have lasting value. Trustworthiness means that we do what we say we will do, that we are honest, and that we strive for accuracy in the information we share.

Trustworthiness is based on character, the positive qualities that we possess, and on competence, what we can do. To be effective, Board members must have both character and competence.

With trust at the foundation of our work, we have established this code of ethics to guide our work as members of the FLAEYC Governing Board.

Code of Ethics and Conduct

As a FLAEYC Governing Board member, I will:

  • Fully and enthusiastically support the FLAEYC vision, mission, core values and beliefs, strategic priorities and all other Board-adopted policies.
  • Actively participate in, and contribute to, an open, professional board culture by respecting and seeking to understand diverse points of view.
  • Work to assure that FLAEYC continues to grow as a high-performing, inclusive organization of groups and individuals and using this framework in my Board deliberations by:
  • Considering the evidence that diverse points of view are embedded in the process and results of any initiative;
  • Consider the impact of any decision on multiple dimensions of diversity, including but not limited to race/ethnicity, culture/language, class, gender, sexual orientation, differing abilities/special needs professional role, program type, education level, age, and geography;
  • Consider the impact on current and potential members, staff, and leadership;
  • Promote the work of FLAEYC to the field and to the public at large, and take ownership of the work we do together;
  • Embrace and respect ideas, insights, and concerns that evolve out of the values of diverse cultures and belief systems; and
  • Represent and serve the needs of FLAEYC as an organization and the entire FLAEYC community, not a particular geographic region, organization, or constituency.

In my work on the Governing Board I will:

  • Be a responsible and committed steward of FLAEYC’s programs and resources; and
  • Understand that the FLAEYC Governing Board is a policy board and that the Board’s role is to establish the policies that govern the Association not to manage the organization.

Specifically, as a Governing Board member I will:

  • Adhere to all Board policies, including but not limited to policies on confidentiality, conflict of interest and inurement prohibition, and anti-corruption;
  • Respect and support all decisions of the Board;
  • Work with the other Board members and members of the staff in the spirit of harmony and cooperation;
  • Participate actively in Board meetings, Board activities and on committees, and follow through on my Board commitments, tasks, and responsibilities;
  • Make the necessary commitment of time and diligence to fulfill my governance responsibilities;
  • Encourage and participate in open, inclusive, and respectful dialogue regarding all Board issues, concerns, and discussions;
  • Recognize that since the Board consists of individuals with differing perspectives, debate is necessary and encouraged;
  • Be well informed about developments and issues that may come before the Board;
  • Work to learn more about my responsibilities and to improve my effectiveness;
  • Keep confidential any proceedings of the Board that are not yet ready for public dissemination, except where disclosure is required by law;
  • Have the courage to offer a minority opinion when necessary and be willing always to listen to, respect, and consider opinions offered by others;
  • Speak directly to individuals involved about issues of concern regarding those individuals;
  • Handle concerns or complaints in a professional manner – directing operational concerns to Executive Director; and directing concerns about Board policy to the President;
  • Call to the attention of the Board any issues that may have an adverse impact on FLAEYC or those we serve;
  • Act impartially and not seek preferential treatment from or for any organization or individual inside or outside FLAEYC;
  • During Board discussions, disclose any potential conflict of interest related to the issue under discussion and exclude myself from Board decisions where I am involved in a conflict of interest; and
  • Not use my Board position for personal advantage or the advantage of friends or relatives.

Finally, I understand that I must bring any violations of this Code of Ethics and Conduct, my own or those of another Board member, to the attention of the Board President and that in doing so I am helping to assure the strength and integrity of FLAEYC and safeguard the field of early childhood education.

Prior to assuming office and annually thereafter, each Board member, and each member of a Board committee, advisory group and accrediting body will review and affirm their commitment to adhering to the FLAEYC Board Code of Ethics and Conduct.

    1. Potential candidates for Board service will submit a signed form attesting to their willingness to comply with this policy prior to their interview with the Nominating Committee.
    2. Once elected, Board, committee, commission and advisory group members will submit a signed form annually (by no later than December 31).