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Brand New Series on Leadership & Program Administration

Right now is a critical time to get engaged. FLAEYC launched a brand new virtual series dedicated to leadership development and program administration with a kick-off event focused on advocacy followed by a 4-part series exploring the neuroscience of brain trauma, HOPE and the courage of early childhood professionals combating coronavirus. 

Woman on glossy white backgroundMay 27 | June 3 | June 10 | June 17

Happiness is Running Through the Streets to Find You: Translating Trauma’s Harsh Legacy into Healing

This 4-part series from award-winning, best-selling author Holly Elissa Bruno explores HOPE in the midst of trauma.  When the world flips upside down, children need stable, unflappable adults to reassure them all is well. But who reassures us adults? Traumatic times can bring out the best in us. Let’s together identify HOPEFUL everyday practices to serve as our lighthouse during this pandemic storm. Access Recording | Access Recording | Register for for June 10 | Register for June 17

Learning Objectives:
  • Apply the neuroscience of brain trauma to our current challenges
  • Conceptualize ways to counter trauma from building into long-term damage
  • Identify healing everyday practices for children and adults
  • Examine ways in which tribes help and/or hinder healthy approaches to the pandemic (tribal neuropsychology)
  • Acknowledge early childhood professionals’ acts of courage during this pandemic
  • Explore how this pandemic can systemically and personally change our profession and ourselves for the better
  • Strategize self-care approaches to prevent burnout during trauma

woman standing in front of buildingMay 21, 2020

Our first topic is dedicated to Federal Advocacy. And our first speaker was none other than NAEYC’s Senior Analyst for Public Policy and Advocacy, Ms. Lucy Recio. Without immediate financial relief, thousands of childcare centers and homes will close permanently. Our objective is clear: Make Congress fund child care to stabilize this essential industry . But the ask is larger than that. The early education profession deserves to be seen with the same respect as the K-12 profession and this conversation must include equity. But where do we start? How do we know what to do and when to do it? The session not only provided an update on the CARES and HEROES legislation but explained why and to can engage, find your voice and set the future. Download Slides | Access the Recording (Password: 9j=2=9+k)

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