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Legislative Watch

In a continued effort to promote FLAEYC’s Public Policy Platform, “Legislative Watch” provides current, relevant, and timely updates each week to keep our members, affiliate leaders, and the public informed about legislative issues. The focus is to disseminate legislative information that directly influences:

  1.  The quality of early childhood programs,
  2.  The work, compensation, and professionalization of early childhood educators, and
  3.  Access and funding of statewide early childhood programs and systems.

The intent is to protect our state’s most valuable commodity, asset, and future…Young Children.

FLAEYC will be providing a weekly Legislative Watch and Vodcast for your review during Legislative Session. The Legislative Watch will orient you to the progress and modifications of current bills in both the Senate and House. The Vodcast will summarize for you the changes and impacts of certain/specific bills. Additionally, Legislative Alerts will be sent when you, as an early childhood professional and advocate, should take action.

We look forward to a positive legislative session that continues to value children, families, and early childhood professionals. 

Upcoming Events

2017 NAEYC Public Policy Forum: Sunday, February 26 – Tuesday, February 28, 2017 in Washington D.C.  Contact the FLAEYC Office at 813-878-9973 for additional information.

Florida State Legislature:  Session begins Tuesday, March 7, 2017