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FLAEYC North Central Florida Chapter & Early Learning Florida Partnership

North Central Florida Chapter of Florida AEYC is very excited to announce a new partnership with Early Learning Florida!  This partnership offers YOU a remarkable opportunity to not only take FREE courses geared towards your professional development, but to actually get PAID for successfully completing the course!!! These courses are available for practitioners who work with schools contracted for school readiness and/or VPK. Only VPK practitioners are eligible for courses at schools that are only contracted for VPK. All practitioners are eligible for courses at schools that are contracted for school readiness.
North Central Florida Chapter of Florida AEYC is currently registering students forthe Early Learning Florida Winter Term February 3 – April 5, 2020. The courses available for the Winter 2020 term are:
  1. Designing Infant and Toddler Learning Environments
  2. Diseñado Entornos de Aprendizaje para Bebes y Niños Pequeños
  3. Understanding Trauma-Informed Care with Infants and Toddlers
  4. Act 1: Getting Organized for Learning in Preschool (VPK 1)
  5. Preschool Language Development
  6. Desarrollo del Lenguaje en Niños Preescolares
  7. Preschool Trauma-Informed Care
  8. Professionalism in Early Childhood Education for DIRECTORS ONLY
There is a course for Directors, Professionalism in Early Childhood Education. Please take this opportunity to engage with other Directors in the field.
Additional course information can be found at earlylearningflorida.com. If you want to take a course not listed, contact me for availability. Practitioners may take up to 2 courses per term.
Registering is EASY! I will serve as your Registrar and facilitate the enrollment. Slots are limited so please register soon as registrations are on a first-come, first-served basis. I look forward to speaking with you and discussing this fabulous professional development opportunity.
Rebekah Reneke
North Central Florida Chapter
Florida AEYC Organizational Administrator
(352) 278-7515