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Stronger Together: FLAEYC and the Children’s Forum Join Forces


Contact: Chris Duggan
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TALLAHASSEE, FL (February 5, 2018) The Florida Association for the Education of Young Children (FLAEYC) President, Pam Parmenter, and the Children’s Forum President & CEO, Dr. Phyllis Kalifeh, are proud to announce the implementation of a shared services partnership. This partnership enables the Children’s Forum to be the administrative and program support arm for FLAEYC. Each organization remains independent, but the services shared strengthen each organization’s collective impact.

“The Forum has a strong a strong infrastructure to support many of our association’s needs,” said Parmenter. “We believe it will be a win-win for both organizations.”

The idea of shared service models was recently presented at the FLAEYC annual conference held in December. A national expert, Louise Stoney, shared some of the other examples that exist throughout the country.  She explained that identifying areas of need and joining with organizations who can support those needs creates efficiency in the early childhood infrastructure which ultimately strengthens organizational missions.

“We are excited to launch this new model,” explained Dr. Kalifeh. “We believe that it has the potential to serve as a viable and exemplary model throughout the nation. Furthermore, FLAEYC and the Children’s Forum share compatible missions and I believe it is imperative that we maintain a strong state professional association (FLAEYC) to join with our other state partners. Together, I am confident that can make progress in moving the needle towards the best possible outcomes for Florida’s children.”

FLAEYC’s headquarters will be co-located with the Children’s Forum in Tallahassee.  The mailing address for FLAEYC is 2807 Remington Green Circle, Tallahassee, FL  32308.  The new telephone number for FLAEYC is (754) 999-0544.  The change is effective February 5, 2018.