One of the most valuable donations you can make to FLAEYC is the gift of your time and expertise. We offer structured volunteer opportunities throughout the year but are always grateful for creative volunteer ideas which our members bring to bear.

FLAEYC appreciates the unique skills and talents of our members. Together, we will continue to see great success in amplifying our voice and making sure our message is heard. Here are some of the volunteer opportunities which we hope you will consider.

  • Conference Volunteer Committee: Members are invited to join the committee responsible for the planning and implementation of our annual conference. The annual conference represents the single most significant opportunity for members to network, further their education, and learn all the new developments which affect early childhood education. Volunteers coordinate the venue and dates, recruit and enroll sponsors and exhibitors, arrange for speakers, and develop the overall focus of the conference.
  • Workshop Facilitator or Speaker: The annual conference is so successful because of the contributions of highly qualified and talented professionals. These speakers help to educate their colleagues on a wide range of subjects. If you would like to participate as a speaker or contributor at the next FLAEYC annual conference, contact Chris Duggan, FLAEYC Executive Director.
  • Become a Statewide or Local Chapter Volunteer: Coordinate with your local or statewide chapter to volunteer with scheduling and planning meetings, sending out newsletters, or contributing content. Click here for a complete listing of FLAEYC chapters.
  • Pledge to Share Your Membership Story: When networking with other early education professionals who are not currently members of FLAEYC, share your membership story with them! Tell them how your affiliation with FLAEYC has helped you to further your education, promote your career, or put you in contact with important players in the early education community. Share stories of support and training and invite them to join.
  • Contribute to Our Blog: If you are a subject matter expert, have an informative story to tell, or would like to encourage other members, contact us about writing a blog. Guest member contributors help FLAEYC to promote the voices of our members and to share diverse experiences from which others may benefit.
  • Lead a Discussion Forum: Online forums are essential vehicles to encourage conversation, debate, and education among our members. Asking questions and relating experiences in a group setting benefits our community as a whole. Volunteers to moderate these groups are always welcome.

Organize Voters and Registration: With election season always around the corner, volunteers are crucial in getting out the vote. We need advocates to learn about candidate positions, attend town halls, and encourage people to vote in local and regional elections. For more information on resources for voting advocacy, click here.

Volunteer for these opportunities – or suggest alternate ways you wish to participate – by filling out the form below. We are happy to provide any information you may need. Thank you for your involvement!